Hear stories from others living with dementia and those supporting them.

Dad's last days were enjoyable and fun, he became more sociable and looked forward to his Group on a Thursday

P.K was an 93 year old gentleman with dementia who was referred to us by his social worker as he was very isolated and lonely even though his daughter lived very near. The first time he arrived at the Group he was in a wheelchair and it was quite a job to get him and the chair through the doorway. P.K was quite a character and had a great sense of humour and was known to cheat a bit to let the young lady, who was doing her enrichment sessions with us, win when we were playing games particularly dominoes. The rapport between them was a joy to watch with both of them coming out of their shells over the weeks.

Within a couple of weeks P.K. refused to come in with his wheelchair and marched with purpose supported by his sticks on the way in and out. Sadly, around 3 months after he had started coming to our 'Mindful Moments' Community Group, he developed a chest infection and was admitted to hospital where he deteriorated very quickly and passed away at the beginning of the year. We miss his cheeky smile and comments but were encouraged when his daughter thanked us for making his last few months so enjoyable. It reminded me that it's the little things we do that can make such a difference to the lives of other people.

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